All horses are sold as-is, where-is, with no guarantees to suitability or use.
We welcome pre-purchase exams, at the buyer's expense.

We do have a trade-back guarantee, and we will take any horse we have sold back in on trade towards another horse.  Whether you need to downgrade, upgrade, or just need something different ~ we will accept any horse(s), that we have sold back in on trade towards any horse that better suits whatever your needs are.


Deposits are generally 10% of a horse's sale price, are always non-refundable, and hold the horse for up to 5 days 


Call us at 214-605-7174

We encourage potential buyers to please come and try sale horses in person - we would love to meet you and your family, and we enjoy selling our horses in person.

~ 75% of our customers purchase site unseen ~

We are staffed full time year round, to accommodate our buyers who require an appointment to make a purchase decision

75% of our sale horses are successfully sold site-unseen to excellent repeat buyers worldwide,  buyers who do not require an appointment to make a purchase decision.

However 25% of our sales, are horses sold through an in-person sales appointment.
We are staffed throughout the week, full-time, year-round to accommodate all of our buyers who require an in person sales appointment to make a purchase decision. 

We typically book sales appointments every weekday at 9AM, 11AM, and 1PM.
We are often fully booked 24-48 hours out.
Please call to request an appointment

We do not currently require an up front booking fee, for appointments scheduled during our regular hours.
(this policy may be changing soon!)

Our time available for sales appointments during the evenings and over the weekends, is EXTREMELY limited.   
Most weekends we are either at a horse sale, at a clinic, at a competition, at the lake, or we are at a family event.
However, in some cases, we can be available on evenings and weekends for sales appointments!
  An evening or weekend appointment, does require us paying our already well-paid staff, overtime pay - an after hours appointment also requires a lot of extra coordination outside our regular work hours.  
We currently cover this additional expense ourselves, at no additional cost to our buyers.  
However, in order to book someone for an after-hours sales appointment~ we do require an up-front (non-refundable) $500 booking fee, which of course applies to your purchase.

 We do NOT require an up-front deposit to book an appointment during all of our regular hours!  

 We will try our best to accommodate your request to purchase a horse on the evening or the weekend, with a non-refundable $500 booking fee  - however, not in all cases are we able to accommodate all requests that are outside of our normal hours.  

We are in Weatherford, TX ~ 
We are 1 hour West of the Dallas / Fort Worth International airport.

(Trucks, trailers, equipment, horses, cattle, saddles, etc.)    

If you have a trade-in, please provide the following info for your trade-in to be considered:    
Current Picture and/or Video
Age, Pedigree, and Description
Approximate Retail/Private Sale Value
Current Location

NOTE: We do not give full retail values on trade-ins. 

Please contact us anytime!

Call 214-605-7174
PLEASE view our terms


We accept a VERY limited number (LITERALLY A HANDFUL EACH YEAR!!!) of consignment horses, from a pre-approved list of consignors.  In some cases we will accept a past sold horse on consignment.  We do not currently accept consignments from the general public.  Our facility is almost always full, so we do typically have at least a 30-60 day waiting period on accepting consignments.

Feed/board is billed at $600 per month or $25 per day, whichever is less
Maintenance due is billed at actual costs, vet, farrier, dental, etc.  Hauling is a $250 minimum within 60 miles, and then above 60 miles is billed by the mile based on current fuel prices.

Advertising is billed at cost, at $300 per horse.

We produce professional sales pics and a high quality sales video at $500 per horse.

We require a non-refundable payment of $2,000 paid up front on all consignment horses.   This payment applies towards 2 months of board, sales pics, sale video, and advertising expenses.  This payment is non-refundable, and in the case that the horse is rejected from our program, this payment covers our expenses, time, and evaluation fee.

We charge a 25% commission off of the actual sale price, on all horses over $10,000
30% on horses sold under $10,000 
If we represent your horse to be sold through a professional auction service or horse sale, those fees are taken out,  separately from our fees.

Our terms are 90 days, up to 150 days, if horse is not brought to us maintained, and ready to go up for sale
Our average sale time is 48 days.

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