My kids, especially my daughter Rachel, absolutely LOVE the ponies!  Their riding ability and competitive interests, have mostly outgrown the ponies...but we still keep a whole pen of anywhere from 2-5 very special ponies at our home, ponies that we find throughout the year  My own kids, catch, bathe, pet, love on,  (sometimes almost torture these poor guys with too much attention) and ride these little ponies all over our place - unsupervised.  If the kids can't handle, catch, saddle, bridle, and ride on their own,...then ponies do not make the cut to stay at our house.  These ponies and are often with us for many months or years.  This pen of ponies that we keep at home, are a huge asset to our business as the kids (however many end up at our house) can be sent to the pony pen...and are entertained for hours on their own time....and  they can learn so much about safety and horsemanship that is often difficult to safely learn when turning a pile of kids loose with a herd of full sized horses.   Dropping a foot on your little foot hurts, but doesn't break their little feet when its a little pony foot - and toppling off is startling and they may cry or have their pride bruised.. .but rarely does that fall (when taken from a pony) result in any harm more then maybe a bruise or even a scrape...versus the risk of potential serious injury when a much larger full-size horse is involved - in the same simple mis-hap that just happens when they are young and learning the basics.   These ponies allow the kids to learn on their own, mess up, get startled or even a little scared, but then continue moving forward and learn.   If you pull into our place, you will often find a small army of children on ponies gallivanting all over our place - and often all over our little town.  These ponies are typically priced anywhere from $2,500-$15,000 or more, depending on their age, looks, training,  soundness, health, their breeding, etc.   Call for more info...we  typically have ponies that are not listed on our website, and many of these ponies sell before they make it online!  These little guys are a huge part of my kid's life and development as little riders and horseman. 

Wreck It Ralph aka: “Ralph” - 10.3H, 7 year old bay paint pony gelding ~ WATCH HIS VIDEOS!!!

“Casper”- 10.3H, 5 year old black and white paint pony gelding ~ WATCH HIS VIDEO!!!

MOST will sell before we get a chance to picture or video them - we have LOTS OF OTHERS!  To hear about others we may have, please text or call, and come see us! 214-605-7174


“Taca” - 18-20 year old sorrel grade quarter horse mare


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 We sell lots of ponies before we get a chance to list them online, there are many more ponies available at the ranch, please call anytime for a list of available ponies.

SOLD!!! ~ "Scooter" - 14.2H, 11 year old golden chestnut Haflinger gelding - $12,000

SOLD!!! ~ "Lemon" 7.1H, weanling mini palomino white filly ~ $2,500

SOLD!!! ~  "Oakley" - 11H, 5 year old red roan paint pony gelding - $5,250