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Current Job Openings

~ Available August 15th ~

We are looking to hire a full time barn manager / office manager.

Must be a self starter, and have both past barn management as well as basic vet-tech experience.

Must be able to handle all weekly scheduling for staff and lessons, and be able to assist in regular weekly vet, farrier, dental, chiropractor appointments,  as well as assist with sales photographers and videographers, vet checks, and sales appointments.

📲📞Serious inquiries ONLY call Ashley at 214-605-7174 📲📞  

🏜 🌎🌵~ Located in Weatherford, TX ~ West of Fort Worth, TX 🌵🌎🏜 
🛫🛳🚂 an hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International airport~ 🛫🚂🛳

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On-site housing options


We currently have 2 bunkhouse style houses at Buster Ranch.

Bunkhouses are often used short term for interns, exchange students, and lesson program students (both youths and adults.)  There are beds for 4-6 in each bunkhouse, the bunkhouses' intended use is to provide overnight housing for students, interns, and temporary housing for workers.

This bunkhouse style housing is a perk of the job, and it is not intended to be long-term personal housing for any individual worker.  Living on site in a bunkhouse, is a job perk that is available for certain positions.   Living on site, is not a requirement of the job.  This housing is often used in transition for new hires, and can help substantially financially if you are relocating to the area.  There are many housing options available for workers, in Weatherford and in Mineral Wells.

The bunkhouses do have STRICT rules which are enforced:

1. NO VISITORS: Our facility is a private facility, and all visitors, must be arranged through the barn manager.  If you are invited to stay in the bunkhouse housing, you are NOT welcome to invite others on to the private property, or into the bunkhouse housing.  This housing is often offered to full time employees, seasonal employees, photographers/videographers who have traveled to do a short-term job here, interns, students, and lesson kids.

2. DOGS: Dogs and other pets are not welcome in the housing or on our facility.  This facility is for customers, for riding and videoing sale horses, and for lessons - this facility, is not for your pet dogs. 

3. KITCHENS: Never eat food that you did not purchase.  Always clean up after yourself.  Never leave dirty dishes or cookware in the sink, if you use it, then wash it and dry it, right away after use.

4. HOURS Be respectful of others sleeping.   Quiet time from 8PM to 8AM.

5. POWER: Turn it back off, if you turned it on.

Personal Horses


The facility where we are currently located comfortably accommodates 35-45 but can house up to 65 head, and is always FULL with a large waiting list.  Because of this, opportunities to bring personal non-sale horses to our facility are extremely limited, and are handled on a case by case basis. 

It is a possibility, for the right intern or employee, to bring one horse.  Cost per horse varies from $250-$750, depending on the care situation and whether in a large group pasture turnout,  private run with shelter, shedrow barn, or show barn.  Not all care options are always available. 
There are no self-feed or self-care options available at our facility. 

Additional vehicle, and trailer parking is also possibly available - for a monthly fee. 

The property backs up to hiking trails and is a mile from trail head that goes to Fort Worth and the Chisolm Trails.  We are in a gorgeous part of the world, in premier horse country.