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Shiners Ace N Hole aka: "Ace" - 15H, 2009' sorrel AQHA gelding

I get SO MANY CALLS for this kind of gelding!!!  Push style, slow, relaxed, tons of buttons, one hand broke, can work a cow, rope, and perform, but also show...  Can babysit the babies and the scardey cats, but is fun enough to step up and go to work when they get their confidence.  Big, fancy, pretty, SMOOTH...  Ace is the whole package!!!  Has a little show record from this past year in the ranch riding and ranch reining.  No nonsense to him, absolute 110% gentleman in all ways.  Loads, hauls, catches anywhere, gets along with anyone in the pasture, LOVES being stall kept, but happy outside, easy keeper, great to haul, load, tied, bathe, shoe, saddle, bridle, etc.   Watch his very informal video below, from us playing around at penning practice one night...   He will hi-yah around, then goes right back to babysitting.   Never moves one foot for our three-ring-circus 5 minute long tack swap, with horses, dogs, and kids moving all around him.  We will be legging him up, keeping him in the show barn (or sitting him to swim/fitting camp), doing his teeth, and all cares this spring, and using him daily until sold.   Everywhere we go, Ace is always loaded and coming with us!  This is the one you have been hunting for grandma, grandpa, wife, hubby, your friend that can't ride, your niece, nephew, or the precious babies or grandbabies.   This one you can bring along a new rider for just about any activity you want, and enjoy what you are doing, while they come along and learn and enjoy themselves.  These are worth their weight in gold, and so very hard to find!

 💸💰$12,000 USD 💵💲 (Really not looking for trade-ins...) 

📲📞Please call or text Ashley 214-605-7174 📲📞       

Located in Weatherford, TX ~ West of Fort Worth, TX 🌵🌎🏜 an hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International airport  

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