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"Rolex" - 12.2H, 6 year old fancy black pony gelding

  "Rolex" will be extremely hard to let go, this pony has been a huge joy to my daughter and absolute blessing to have around.  If you know anyone that regularly watches our stories on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook,....then you have seen a LOT of Mr. Rolex...  He is a superstar, and has paid his dues times 1000 with us here.   Unfortunately, my daughter is growing like a weed, and her next growth spurt will make her legs too long to show Rolex next year,...she is committed to Volleyball again this year,...so we have made the very difficult decision to put Rolex up for sale this Christmas.   We hope he will make a family and another little boy and girl as happy as he has made my Rachel.    This is her go to before, school, after school, flip the lights on after dinner...she literally has lived on this pony.   He is extremely smooth, most of the time she hops on him bareback in a halter or a loping hack.   Rolex has been to countless clinics, lessons, and events with us.  He hauls like a pro, Rachel does literally every single thing with this pony on her own, he is so easy, solid, and there every single time.   She has learned a ton about liberty and trick work with this pony, and she also got her feet wet with some basic dressage and jumping!    He has also spent countless hours turning back in the cutting pen, and riding the trails.   He has been to town with us a ton!  He got painted as a team mascot for her schools team, "The Colts" countless times, and he went to a half dozen fall festivals, Halloween events, and got painted and dressed up for multiple trick or treating runs.   Rachel is always extremely challenged to find a single thing that even gets Rolex attention, or a "look", and he has literally....never spooked.  He is exceptionally calm, confident, and curious, and absolutely loves going places and seeing new things.  He is up to date on everything and ready to go, he has always had his feet regularly maintained, he was just power pack wormed, he has had all of his fall boosters, has been seen by an equine dentist, has been regularly looked over by our vet, and he has even been seen by our chiropractor.   Rolex is my little girls pet and she absolutely adores him - we rarely get to steal him for the lesson program as she is almost always sitting on him unless she is asleep, in school, or she is not home...but he is amazing in the lesson program when we occasionally do get to use him there.  We all have matching super-nice black horses right now, and after we get our fall and Christmas family pictures, and hit all of the Christmas parades, we would LOVE to sell these 3 all as a set to a new home together - they are all a couple of hands apart and the cutest set!!!  

Be sure to SCROLL DOWN and watch all of the little unprofessional and un-edited live-feed videos also, we have hours of footage of this one!  If you follow us on social media - on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, he is regularly on our story and our reels.  If you have been down to the NCHA futurity you may have spotted him, we rarely get out of here and down to the show without Rachel loading Rolex to come along.  So if you have been at the cutting or have a friend that is there, you may have seen Rachel covering some ground, running around visiting everyone off of this little guy. Most of the time it is hard for us to get her to get off of him, and get her to tie him up for a minute, and come watch the horses show...

 Please call anytime for more information at 214-605-7174 and we will be happy to tell chat with you about Rolex, we have so many memories with this pony from this past year  We would love to meet you in person and show Rolex to you in person.   Meeting this guys new family and new rider, would mean a lot to our family and to his current little girl - you have to see this little guy in person to believe his personality, he is absolutely incredible!!!  Rolex is located in Weatherford, TX - one hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.   He is an easy day trip or fun overnight trip to come try, from anywhere!   We are experienced, knowledgeable sellers, and we can help with quickly arranging affordable shipping to any buyer's location.  Again, please call anytime, 214-605-7174

 We all have matching super-nice black horses right now, and after we get our fall and Christmas family pictures done, and hit all the holiday parades that we hit.....we would LOVE to sell these 3 all as a set to a new home together - they are all a couple of hands apart and the cutest set!!!   Click the link below to get your bids in - these 3 horses are all a couple of hands apart and they are the cutest set!!!  They all auction starting December 4th, and end on Sunday evening, December 18th, click the link below to get your bids in!  



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