Cute as button fat little paint lead line pony - that also rides!!!

"Pumpkin" - 8.3H 16 year old red roan grade pony mare 

Sweet gentle, dead quiet little pony, and just as sweet as she can be!!!  This little pony is gorgeous, super-fat and rolly-polly and as adorable as they come.  She is 1-eyed...but if we didn't say so out loud..., you might miss it if you are not watching close!  And the one eye - that is half of why she rides around SO so quiet and guides easy!!! Super cool sweet little pony and one of the best little loping ponies, but does not lope for free - won't get going to fast with the little itty bitty tiny ones.  Perfect yard pet to leadline the itty-bittys on, but still rides around enough that they will have a good time when they are ready to go out on their own.   My kids ride her bareback and saddled and she holds a saddle really well for a smaller pony.   She is content to walk as slow as they will let her, but will march right along and jog happily to keep up with the bigger ponies.    She will climb anything the kids put in front of her and happily goes where she is guided with no fuss.  Has been hauled along many times as a companion pony to the big horses to shows and events, ponies well and stands tied content peacefully anywhere for hours.  She has also been in traffic and many of parades.  Please do not hesitate to call for more info and watch for more videos to be added over the next week.

  ~ $2,500 USD ~


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