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Poco Special Mary aka: "Reba" - 2020' sorrel AQHA filly

“Reba” is a one of a kind young filly. She is so sweet and kind, willing to do just about anything to please whoever is handling her. She is so friendly with a puppy-dog personality, making her a barn favorite! 

With just a little under 60 rides Reba was started right, slow and steady. Her mind and body have had plenty of time to grow into her new responsibilities. She is a super quite, easy-going ride and has been since her very first ride. With no buck, no rear, or any other vices under saddle she will make the perfect clean slate project to go on in any direction. She doesn’t need to be ridden every day to be consistent in her training, even at such a young age she is so smart and willing even a couple days off doesn’t affect her. Stands for you to get on from the ground, mounting block, or fence, and will wait for you to ask her to walk off. All of her gaits and transitions are smooth walk, trot, lope. She will side pass to open and close gates. She is traffic safe and doesn’t mind things like ATV’s, dogs, cats, kids running around or any other distractions that might have a young horse on edge. She is happy to be around cows and has showed interest in tracking them herself.  She will easily go out of the arena alone or with other horses. Reba’s stunning looks and quiet ride isn’t the only thing she has to offer! 

She is always the first to greet you at the gate in the morning with her ears up and sometimes the occasional nicker. Reba is happy to be outside in a pasture with friends or inside in a stall. She has no vices in the barn or out in a pasture. She ties well, cross ties, and even started learning to ground tie. She stands quiet to groom, saddle, bridle, and even bathe. She is excellent to haul off the ranch too! Hops right on and off the trailer without a problem whether she is by herself of with a buddy. Reba is an incredible young filly that is super athletic and has a wonderful mind that can take her anywhere.

We plan to sell Reba through Platinum Equine Auction on April 2nd - check back here for a link to place your bid once her auction goes live.  If you are interested in purchasing her privately before the auction starts, give us a call right away!!!   And please also check back on our Facebook page, and here for more new videos of her to be posted before the auction ends!

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