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"Pegasus" - 13H, 10 year old palomino pony mare

 “Pegasus” has been my daughter's personal pony for this entire year!   She has a gorgeous floaty and very horse-like gait, super smooth, great sitting extended trot and slow jog. - great at her leads - and has a lot of feel and doesn't have a big hard/fast stop but rates and hunts her stops.  My daughter has learned a ton on this little mare, and she carried her to her very first English show!  Watch the video and how naturally cute and balanced and easy she is over fences!   This is the pony that just lives at our house, does not get touched for a week, and gets caught and used non stop for 3 days.  She is a trooper.   She has a lot of feel and has really helped her to step up a ride, and do it in a safe way where she can play and learn on her own without a tons of hands on supervision.   We got her from a family that used her primarily for checking their ranch, trail rides, entry level playdays and junior rodeos, and to “help” work in the feed yard.  My daughter has introduced her to English, and the over fences work all on her own (under her superb trainer's close supervision to keep things correct!) Pegasus is super good in town - we have had her along with us to a couple of different events in town on the weekends and she loves the crowds and commotion and seeing new things.   She rides out great alone as well as in a group.  We have had her on several group trail rides and she also regularly rides her out alone.  Great about leaving the place, the barn, and leaving the group - no barn / herd sour or “horsie-ness” at all with this pony.  She is a really easy keeper - has lived barefoot her whole life, has excellent feet.   Turns out well in a group, and also very happy kept in the barn.   If you're looking for a little horse that your kid can just go to and learn on, or a step up from that deadhead babysitter to turn your kiddo loose on, don't miss this gorgeous pony!   She is also stout and big boned, and the perfect size for a smaller lady or anyone that is looking for a full horse, that is just a little lower to the ground!

Pegasus was just trimmed 2 weeks ago, her teeth were done by an equine dentist this spring, and she was also power packed wormed at that time.  She is good to shoe and if her new owner prefers her to be shod, we can have that done prior to her leaving for her new home.   
She will arrive to her new home up to date and ready to go to work! 

Please call anytime for more information at 214-605-7174 and we will be happy to tell you all about Pegasus. 
Pegasus is located in Weatherford, TX - one hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.   She is an easy day trip or fun overnight trip to come try out, from anywhere! 

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