"Lightning" - 12.1H 9 year old palomino pony gelding

"Lightning" is the shorter version of Grandpa's or Dad's real horse - this little guy rides just like a big horse!  If you are hesitant about wanting to put your little one a big horse, but are not wanting to do the typical little pony attitude and ride, then this is the one you are looking for.   He is one of those rare ponies that is just a little horse - we only get a couple of each year, if we are lucky.  He is built just right, looks just like a big horse, and has absolutely zero pony attitude.   And then his color...is just the cherry on top - pretty unique looking pony!!!  Lightning is easy for even a tiny kid to guide around, he will dumb down and go slow and tip toe around, but he is not a hair bit lazy and will work all-day for the bigger kids, without them having to work hard for it and peddle him around everywhere.   He guides point-and-shoot and simple, very brave and willing and uncomplicated.   He has soft, natural, balanced, smooth gaits that are easy for little ones to learn on.  He has a great "Whoa" from any gait - and travels around at any gait on a relaxed loose rein.   He also goes super cute English and has super natural form over fences.  He is just the perfect age, in great health, and as cute as they come!  Zero vices or bad habits, sweet, kind, but respectful and a joy to have around.

Lightning is up to date on all cares, was just looked over by our vet, and had his teeth done by our equine dentist, he was shod just this past week, and he was just power packed wormed.  He will arrive to his new home up to date and ready to go to work!

Please call anytime for more information at 214-605-7174 and we will be happy to tell you all about Lightning.  Lightning is located in Weatherford, TX - one hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.   He is an easy day trip or fun overnight trip to come try out, from anywhere!

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$9,000 USD

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