Oh Im So Cool aka: “Cool Whip” 
 - 15.1H 2018' black/white ApHC gelding

“Cool Whip” is so chill and easy going!   He is only 5 years old and has his whole life ahead of him!  He has been used by a youth rider for local 4H events and clinics, trail rides, and parades.   He is great in town, and he is the kind you can just turn out and then grab anytime you want and go for a nice ride.   He has a great stop, always catches his leads, and has a nice balanced trot and lope.  He walks out confidently anywhere on a loose rein with his head down and relaxed.   He is easy to catch, super friendly, quiet to tie, pick out his feet, groom, bathe, saddle, and bridle.  He stands dead still for mount and dismount, and stands quiet and relaxed until you are ready to move ahead.   He hops right on the trailer, and hauls great alone or with other horses.   He has been to several rides and events alone and does well by himself, or with other horses.   He is happy in the barn, no vices, or is easy to keep turned out in the pasture like a horse too - he goes either way happily!   Great health, never had any soundness issues, and has good feet.  He also goes really nicely English and has been started over poles and cross rails - we will have video of that this week, so check back!

Cool Whip was just shod this past week, his teeth were just done by an equine dentist 3 weeks ago, and this week he had a regular maintenance adjustment at the chiropractor - he has a general health/soundness exam done by an equine vet that specializes in performance soundness, and he was just power packed wormed.  Prospective buyers are welcome to have any vet of their choice to a pre-purchase exam, pull blood, ultrasound, or x-ray.   This guy should check out exceptionally clean, he is in excellent health!  He has great feet and if his new owner prefers him to be barefoot, we can pull his shoes and have him trimmed before he heads to his new home.   For any buyer who needs a health / travel certificate prepared for travel, we can have one prepared promptly,  within 24 hours.
He will arrive at his new home up to date on all cares and ready to go straight to work! 

Please call anytime for more information at 214-605-7174 and we will be happy to tell you all about Cool Whip. 
Cool Whip is located in Weatherford, TX - one hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.   He is an easy day trip or fun overnight trip to come try out, from anywhere! 

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We are 1 hour West of the Dallas / Fort Worth International airport.