"Colt" - 9.3H, 9 year old buckskin pony gelding

“Colt” rides around as much as any little pony we have ever seen!  He trots and lopes circles, stops, backs up, turns around both ways, will do a roll-back, lope off - and will even do a flying lead change!  This pony rides literally just like Daddy or Grandpa's big horse and he is just the right age to last through your whole set of kids or grandkids!   He loves to jump in hand to and be drug around the yard ilke a pet dog.   He leads, loads, hauls, stands tied, is easy to saddle and bridle.   He rides in a bit too, but he is so light and feeley most of the kids prefer to ride him in a halter or a bosal.   They don't ever have to pony kick him in the belly 3-4 times to get a response out of this one, he is light off your legs, seat, and your hands and a total blast to ride.   The kids that had this guy had a big place and he has been hopped on and rode 2 miles to the neighbors place many times, checked all the back pastures and fences lines, and he has even been used in the turnback pen!   If you are looking for a smaller pony to turn your kids on to actually go ride everywhere just like a big horse - this is your guy.   We haven't seen this much ride around and handle in a smaller pony, in a very long time - and you can't beat his cowboy color and fancy look and movement.    We have had this one a while and we did brand him before he grew his big winter coat!   Check out the thin-haired pics from the spring and summer!

Colt is up to date on all cares, was just trimmed two weeks ago, he was power pack wormed this fall, and he even had his teeth done by an equine dentist (and his age verified) this fall.  He will arrive to his new home up to date and ready to go to work!

Please call anytime for more information at 214-605-7174 and we will be happy to tell you all about Colt.  Colt is located in Weatherford, TX - one hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.   He is an easy day trip or fun overnight trip to come try out, from anywhere!

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$4,500 USD

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