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"Dolly" - 14.3H, 13 year old black Morgan mare

Check out Dolly's video - this is my own daughter's current personal mount, and she is a blast to ride!  Dolly was originally trained on a high level in a competitive driving team!  She drives extremely well both double and single.  She has also been used for eventing and for pony club and has shown in the jumpers.  She is extremely easy over fences and my daughter has gotten some of her very first jumping miles, on this mare, she is as point, shoot, uncomplicated, and easy as they come over fences.  She absolutely loves this type of work and she is happy and confident to do it.  She is a blast to ride inside and outside, and she has exceptional ground manners.   She is easy to catch, lead, load, hauls quietly, is super in new places, stands tied quietly anywhere, super simple and stands like a statue to groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, and to clip and bathe.  Very easy and uncomplicated and simple - this is the one everyone calls us looking for.  She has been used for many riding lessons and summed camps, and has been ridden by little kids all the way to grandma - by all levels of riders.  

We had a super unique set of horses, which we had t the privilege of offering to the public this spring, and Miss Dolly is the only one that we kept side for ourselves for a bit!  My daughter has taken this mare with her everywhere she's been this spring and summer - to camps, clinics, lessons, trail rides, checking the neighbor's places, brandings, and parades!  "Dolly" came off of a pretty popular producer's set for an upcoming TV series, which is due to be released at the end of 2023/early 2024.  Dolly was been used on the sets in the filming, here locally, for 6 months.  We are NOT allowed to release or share images of these horses on this set, due to respect for the producer's intellectual property/name/image/publishing rights, this set that Dolly was on, is a closed set, on an unreleased series.   We wish we could have afforded to hold all the horses off of the set until next spring when this footage had been published and released, but we couldn't keep them all for that long!    We are not in a hurry to sell Dolly, and wouldn't mind still having her ourselves when the series is released!  This producer has had absolutely huge success the past several years with his series, this upcoming series ...and Dolly being shot in scenes for it, will make for some pretty cool bragging rights for her new owner!   This series re-tells the story of a western icon.   In the producer's bold and popular style, the story will be re-told in an eye-opening, raw,... and much more historically accurate way.  It will be pretty special to own and ride a horse that was used in the production of this series, and will make watching the series when it comes out an especially good time, as you hunt for your own horse in the scenes!  We are pretty sure that Dolly is one of only a couple of these horses that are characters themselves, and main actor's mounts, and will be very prominently seen in the series.  This is a very unique opportunity!!! These special horses aren't available everyday, and they are very rarely advertised, marketed, and offered directly to the public.  Dolly is a joy to ride, every single person that sits on her thoroughly enjoys her.   She is comfy-cozy, extremely easy and uncomplicated.  Literally.... next - to - nothing, bothers Dolly.   She was used in scenes where there were literal mock bombs going off...taking the whole "Bomb-proof" term, to a whole other level!

She is up to date on all cares, was just looked over by our vet, has been seen by the chiro, has had several PEMF treatments, has had her teeth done by our seasoned equine dentist, and she was just power packed wormed.  She is our little princess' own mount right now, and she's treated like a show horse and VERY spoiled here!   We jumped the gun a little with taking some of these pictures/videos, and listing this one, she has shed out, blown up and bloomed so much on our program.   She is SO GORGEOUS and shiny now!  Everyone that has been back through our barn, and has seen her for a second time, since she got here a few months back says: "Oh my gosh,...is that Dolly!?"  She looks amazing, and she loves being in the show barn being spoiled, groomed, and loved on!!!

Please check back for even more videos to be added to her page in the next 2 weeks!

Please call anytime for more information at 214-605-7174 and we will be happy to tell you all about Dolly.   We would love to meet you in person and show Dolly to you and have you sit on her and feel her for yourself!   Dolly is located in Weatherford, TX - one hour from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.   She is an easy day trip, or fun overnight trip to come try out, from anywhere!   
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 ~ Dolly SELLS on Sunday July 2nd!!! ~ 


 ~ Dolly SELLS on Sunday July 2nd!!! ~ 


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